Polar bear and spirituality club, providing an alternative health system, is based on nature appreciation and meditation. Swimming in the lake all year around boosts your immune system and increases the sence of well-being

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Carl Reynolds is a member at SLSC (Tooting Bec Lido) in London UK and swim outdoors all year round. It is so great to meet somebody of similar thinking and feeling. The large group in London enjoys the cold winter swims and shares our perception of Nature and it's power.
You can find a lot of information at their blog MUSINGS OF AN AQUATIC APE

Carl Reynolds says: "It was great to meet you all. I look forward to a meeting in the future sometime. If you ever come to London, UK - contact me via facebook. Lots of love."

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ArtStudio said...

Thank you Carl. The pleasure to meet you, to swim with you, to talk with you and to wish to see you again.

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