Polar bear and spirituality club, providing an alternative health system, is based on nature appreciation and meditation. Swimming in the lake all year around boosts your immune system and increases the sence of well-being

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Short stories why they swim and enjoy cold water and each other


ArtStudio said...

Hi guys!

My documentary has finally been released. I wanted to thank you all so much for talking to me for this piece and for welcoming me into your group. It's been an amazing experience and I don't think I'm going to stop swimming any time soon!

Hopefully I've included everyone and got email addresses right, but feel free to forward it to anyone else.

Thank you for sharing your stories!


Orla McNelis
Shooting | Editing

Check out my website

Anonymous said...

Orla, that’s super!!
Thanks so much for being interested and for sharing our love of cold water with a little bit of the world:-)
See you on the beach!

Anonymous said...

Aww thank you! It was great to meet you guys ��

Anonymous said...

Orla, thank you for your time and work on this Winter Swimmers documentary. I was away for 2 weeks and couldn’t listen to it until today. You did a wonderful job. It’s a beautiful compilation of voices that conveys the mood, the “addiction” of the sport itself, and the joy that encompasses the whole activity on the beach perfectly.
Well done, regards

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